A concentration is an area of study that combines a small number of required courses, with focused advising, directed toward a career or graduate training. Each concentration typically includes a required practical experience, and may also include a certification.


Data Visualization

ART 223 2D Design
MAT 221 Statistics
ART 375R/ POL 375R Data Visualization with Tableau
Certification in Excel
Advisors: Doug Himes and Jeremiah John


Digital Illustration

ART 120 Intro to Drawing
ART 250 Intro to Watercolor or ART 230 Intro to Oil Painting
ART 223 2D Design
ART 275R Digital Illustration
Advisors: Doug Himes and Corey Egbert


Digital Photography

ART 375R Intro to Digital Photography
ART 223 2D Design
ART 375R Photoshop course
Photography Internship
Advisor: Doug Himes


International Affairs

POL 233 Comparative Politics
POL 245 International Relations
POL 335R Human Geography
Internship in IR or diplomacy
Advisor: Jeremiah John


Museum Studies

ART 210 Art History I or ART 215 Art History II
ART 375R Museum Studies
(Recommended: A course in archiving, material culture, or other course in museum studies)
Internship in museum studies
Advisor: Barbara Crawford



BUS201 Intro to Financial Accounting
BUS202 Intro to Managerial Accounting
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Intermediate Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Taxation
Advisors: Todd Brotherson


Public Policy

POL 223 American Politics
MAT 221 Statistics
ECN 210 Microeconomics
ECN 215 Macroeconomics
Excel certification
Internship in policy analysis
Advisor: Zeb Riley and Jeremiah John



ART 375R Videography I
ART 375R Videography II
Internship in videography
Advisors: Amy Roskelley and Doug Himes

Writing and Mass Media

Writing and Mass Media

ENG 365 Writing in Mass Media Workshop
One of the following:

  • ENG 324 Writing Popular Fiction
  • ENG 344 Screenwriting
  • ENG 375R Topics: Writing for Digital Media
  • ENG 375R Topics: Creative Nonfiction

WRI 320 Advanced Composition
ENG 399 Internship