Pre-Law Advisement

Although law students come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, a successful legal education builds upon fundamental skills, values and knowledge acquired as an undergraduate. In order to provide a quality undergraduate preparation for law school, Southern Virginia utilizes the Socratic method in its teaching model, providing the student with a rich and varied intellectual tool kit that emphasizes the critical legal skills of how to:

• Speak and write effectively
• Analyze and interpret information
• Form and express concrete arguments

A Pre-Law Emphasis at Southern Virginia Prepares You To Succeed

Southern Virginia’s Core Curriculum exposes students to stimulating ideas, helps students learn to think critically, and teaches them how to deal appropriately with opposing opinions and ideas.

Faculty advisement offers students the opportunity to receive individualized advice on how to prepare for law school and future careers.

Critical Support with LSAT and LSDAS
The LSAT (Law School Aptitude Test) measures skills considered essential for success in law school. The LSDAS is the credential assembly service for law schools nationwide. Southern Virginia assists you in these two areas critical to admittance into law school.

Campus Pre-law Club
Among its many activities, the pre-law club was able to recently visit the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., to hear oral arguments.