Mathematics Minor

The wide applicability and intrinsic beauty of mathematics motivate its study. Mathematical theories often grow out of problems that appear in physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences such as economics and business. The mathematics minor provides a strong background in mathematics to students as it enhances their analytical skill and attention to detail—abilities useful in any field.

Program coordinator: Dr. Gertrud Kraut

Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

General Education

MAT 241 Calculus I (GE) (4)

Minor Core: 6 credit hours:

MAT 242 Calculus II (GE) (3)
MAT 343 Linear Algebra (3)

Minor Electives: 12 credit hours from among the following:

MAT 221 Statistics (GE) (3)
MAT 275R Topics in Mathematics (Var.)
MAT 341 Calculus III (3)
MAT 344 Elementary Differential Equations (3)
MAT 375R Topics in Mathematics (Var.)
MAT 385R Directed Study in Mathematics (Var.)
MAT 399 Internship/Practicum in Mathematics (1-3)
MAT 499 Senior Internship/Practicum in Mathematics (1-3)
PHI 223 Introduction to Logic (GE) (3)